Bruna Marquezine na Sapucaí! The actress, Sabrina Sato, and the most well-known are expected to be in the box


Bruna Marquezine is currently in Rio de Janeiro, after carnival a lot of fun, an axe and a tan sea of Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Next Saturday (29. March), the actress is expected to watch the parade of the schools, champion for the Marques de Sapucaí avenue and the lights on the cabin-No. 1, which surprised us, by parts of your Breasts to a look the bet of the last year. Alessandra Ambrosio, Robert Sonza, Kelly Key, The Santoni, Gretchen, and Nina were waiting for a few of the celebrities that abrilhantaram at the end of the week, the ex-global is since a long time. Sabrina Sato, Isis Valverde, and also the international superstar Jennifer Lopez, who is quoted to be in place.

Meeting with the ex, controversy and more in the latest carnival of the actress

The latest carnival of the Bruna Marquezine was employed in addition. By 2019, the actress has created for the likes, each time with a different design, it has avoided the Problem is the re-discovery of this dimension in a box, of a unique structure, it had the name in a brief affair with ex-boyfriend and Hattusa Anitta, and even decided of Instagram by means of so much consequence. The artist spent a period of solitude, and only returned to-day from the wife, and then be faced with a loving message made More Doe. “It touched me in a way that is unexpected, not only because of the extreme fineness and maturity, and for the support you gave me, but also because it fills me with great hope for the future generations to come, and you have inspired me (…) You see, the exercise is extremely coherent and consistent from a young girl of 16 years, to understand that you have been able to, how important is the concept of feminism, and that encourages me so much, it makes me want to fight back, it gives me strength and fills me with courage,” he said at the time.

Marquezine has followed the hose and it ‘passed’ by the unique structure in 2019

A few days later, Bruna Marquezine, wore a series of outfits and stylish, and made for a beautiful ride along the Boulevard. You read that right. Rio de janeiro – “broke in” the gateway to the samba with Sabrina Sato, sang, and wept with emotion, and he showed to follow the talent to the in the hose, the champion of the carnival in the year 2019, surrounded by security guards due to the unique structure. By 2020, the children of the city Improta was the winner, and then again in the parade of Champions, with the Great river, But the Beija-Flor, and Salgueiro. The Queen of the island, Gracyanne, Barbosa claims that it is in the year 2021 in the school, the group of the summit.”Regardless of the results, my heart beats for the Union of the whole island. It is the school that I accepted it and received the body and the soul. I think my love affair with this club no matter what the outcome. We get together in 2021 to come or not. The clutch is in this community, and it is exciting for the whole show. And that there’s nothing you can delete from our memory,” emphasized a woman’s beauty.

(For Rahabe Barros)