Bruno Barbieri, painful intimate confession: he gave up his dream because of work. It took everything from him

Bruno Barbieri – Photo: Official Instagram Profile

Bruno Barbieri reveals the truth and confesses everything in a long interview in Verissimo’s living room. Here’s what the chef says.

Bruno Barbieri is one of the most famous Italian chefs.. The fact that his face is especially valued is due, in part, to his role Judge MasterChefprogram that dedicated him as a TV presenter.

In recent weeks, some rumors seem to be pushing Barbieri towards participating in Milli Carlucci’s Dancing with the Stars, where celebrities from show business and beyond put themselves to the test by trying their hand at dancing. However, no denials or confirmations from the interested party have yet followed.

A very private person, he talks little about his private life, although, as a guest in the salons of Verissimo, he made some statements that no one expected. From his words, Barbieri turns out to be a man who, yes, is content with his life, but who has a few small regrets.

I locked myself in the kitchen and threw away the key“, this is what he says during the interview, suggesting that what he sacrificed for the sake of the kitchen is really a lot.

A man who lives for his work

After all, this is Barbieri, a man who devoted his whole life to his work and his cuisine.I never looked at the clock and continued to work even with the temperature“. Victims that are truly unthinkable for most of today’s children.

I locked myself in the kitchen and threw away the key. I worked hard, always in silence, because that’s how important things are done.“. Because for him it is cooking, something really important, his first and only love in the absolute sense.

Bruno Barbieri – Photo: Official Instagram Profile

Married to your kitchen

Bruno Barbieri sacrificed his entire personal life to devote himself to cooking. For him, the family requires care, constant and daily attention, which work, for example, the work of a cook, does not allow to give, neither to his wife, nor even to children. hourBarbieri made a real life choice, never allowing himself a real vacation.

From the words spoken by Verissimo, it seems that Barbieri lacks not so much a wife as son. The absence of your own child is one of the greatest regrets that a person carries with him, despite the career of a celebrity chef.

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