Bruno Zuculini extended his contract with River until December 2023

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The central midfielder ended his contractual relationship with the Biggest in mid-2022, but this Monday, before heading to San Martín de los Andres to carry out the pre-season, he stamped the signature and renewed it.

Bruno Zuculini extended his contract with River until December 2023.
© River Press.Bruno Zuculini extended his contract with River until December 2023.

In recent weeks, River fans were alert to three contract terminations, those of Bruno Zuculini, Fabrizio Angileri and Benjamin Rollheiser, it is that in the three cases the link with the club ended in mid-2022 and since January these players can already negotiate with other clubs. The reality indicates that none of the three intended to leave the Biggest in a free condition, but their representatives sought economic improvements in their contracts to renew.

This Monday the squad traveled to San Martín de los Andes to carry out the hardest stage of the preseason and Bruno Zuculini did so having renewed his contract with the Biggest, it was extended until December 2023. The midfielder was extremely important last year and although he was not always a starter, he contributed a lot entering the second halves, he also knew how to respond when there was a shortage of central markers and he played very well in that position. Regarding Angileri and Rollheiser, the leadership continues to negotiate and there will be news in the coming weeks.

Mass signing of contracts

Zuculini was not the only one who signed his contractual relationship with River, last Sunday also did Paulo Díaz, Jonatan Maidana, Felipe Peña Biafore, Santiago Simón and David Martínez, who will do it as soon as he finishes recovering from Covid-19 will be Javier Pinola. Also this Monday the brand new reinforcements signed their contracts: Emanuel Mammana, Leandro González Pirez and Tomás Pochettino.

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