Brutality –

She doesn’t want to contribute one iota to Mattel’s big business algorithm with her movie, so I won’t mention the savage in English in this review.

Barbarita is still as treacherous as it was born, and now they resurrect it like a nightmarish monster, this time injecting it with a sweet poison that would be deadly to the naive, or maybe to the naive is fatal.

What is behind this fashion phenomenon neutralizes the generations that have come forward, redirecting their legitimate desires toward what interests them most: sales and individualism.

People can fall prey to the savage machinations of so-called feminist packaging, when in reality the product (which it does) appropriates our claims, stripping them of their power. That is to say: the oil seal has traps.

Throughout the film, you will feel marketing Mattel Blow Director and Screenwriter: A dose of this, but not that much, offset with this another, pinch that a little bit, don’t miss this, but not too much, I put in a car chase, oh our label culture! Oh and there’s a gay character but it’s not prominent, pretty cartoonish, and some overweight barbaritas, but in the background, better is a third one, they’re hard to see, and Africa Descendants…Let’s Waste Barbarita is a rare character created by girls with scissors and paint: despite hiring a good comedian, let’s not give her clever or funny text. Although we’re going to sell it. And the real girl, fussy and shadowy at first, we end up assimilating her into rosy surroundings with vulgarity and… treachery. Oh, and let’s leave the disturbing talk of death and depression aside, unexplored, into a “healthy” focus on flat feet and cellulite. And what about younger audiences and their worrying tendencies? Mine, mine…they’ll console themselves with pink Birkenstocks…

The feminist discourse coming out of the mouth of the Latina actress — whose character, by the way, is unremarkable — is an obvious one, reduced to clichés, spoken hastily and forced into plots, long, hard and Static history and complexity. Current challenges facing women.

Some other buttons for “savage”: To be a Nobel laureate, or a physics laureate, or a president, dear naivety all around: you have to be a savage! Are they calibrated? It’s not that a savage can’t be a savage, but the subconscious message is to be a savage first, or be a savage at all costs at the same time. So, girls, this movie’s advice: When you waste time, energy, and brains straying from what really matters—being human, worry about it and try to act like it. That is to say: continue to live as an object, pleasing the patriarchal gaze as always. For example, the award could be the Nobel Prize. The film proves its thesis at the end, with a row of Barbaritas using their appeal as a tactic against the goofy Ken.

Now that we’ve mentioned them: ignoring the Kens generates sympathy and even justification for their rebellion. Even more so than the stupidity of Mattel’s gaudy execs.

Being savage about reality is fun, but also cynical…perversely cynical.

What I’m trying to say is that – in these times, they insist on driving us away – the real and necessary revolution in art and life is to propose once and for all collaborations between genres, rather than perpetuating harmful stereotypes and The end of the “Gender War”.

If the disturbing scene of the girls destroying dolls at the beginning of the film seems to come from the exhaustion and injustice of growing up to do it all alone, well, we’d better raise the possibility, at least for the new generation, of equal cooperation, harmony , Live in a collective way, instead of everyone being by their side like the end of the movie, continuing the fate of individualism, it is said that “the road of a hero or heroine (dressing or undressing) is of course temptation))”, this sentence Clichés have even become a recipe for making movies and literature.

Don’t lie to me, Barbarita, though I’ve played with you and laughed a few times because of your movies. Life is more complicated, it doesn’t need to be wrapped in fancy roses, its challenges and nuances are more beautiful, wow…

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