“BRZRKR” – the comic book made by Keanu Reeves

“The Matrix Resurrections” is the fourth film in the series and will debut on December 22, 2021 in theaters, but also on HBO Max. HBO Max will arrive in Romania in 2022, as was confirmed in early September. He will probably come to us on HBO Go. 18 years since the last movie “The Matrix”, Keanu Reeves returns in the role of Neo, but with an image rather associated with John Wick, through hair, clothing and beard.

The new movie is directed by Lana Wachowski this time, not by both Wachowski brothers and sisters and continues where “Revolutions” came from. trailer it gives us clues that this Neo is not amnesic, but remembers what happened in the first trilogy. On the other hand, Trinity doesn’t seem to know anything, judging by the fact that she doesn’t recognize Neo. Neo seems to live in a virtual world, a San Francisco-inspired construct in which Neil Patrick Harris serves as his psychologist. When I saw him in the cast, I imagined him to be an associate of Agent Smith, though.

We do not lack agents in the trailer, action sequences, rocket launchers and even Trinity manifesting its powers. The Internet is already full of memes with the duckling on Keanu’s head in the bathtub, which will be much dissected from now on. Like the song in the background, Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” may be a clue to the story. Judging by the action in the trailer, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II seems to be the new Neo, and Keanu becomes a kind of mentor for him, a Morpheus who takes him out of the world he thought was real.

Theoretically Neo died at the end of “Revolutions”, practically he could still be present in a variant of reality. It is possible that the machines still held him captive in a simulation, with a clearly defined purpose in the Matrix 2.0. So would the blue pills he keeps taking. We also wondered what happened to Morpheus, especially since Laurence Fishburne is not part of the cast. From what we see in the trailer, Yahya Abdul seems to speak like Morpheus and moves like him, so he could have taken over his role. Maybe it’s Morpheus in a new body or a program created to replace him, possibly a son of his.

In the last movie “Matrix” there was an armistice between the machines and the resistance and the big reboot took place. Now the conflict seems to have broken out again. There are also voices that say that the story is a complete reboot and we start from scratch with the history of the first film. We will find out more on December 22nd.


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