BTS Fans Lash Out at a Chilean Show for Making “Racist Jokes” About the Group


The humorous segment featured each of the seven singers under false names, such as “Kim Jong Un”, causing outrage at what happened.

The Chilean comedy show “Mi barrio” made its debut on Saturday night, April 10 with different comedy segments that included an “appearance” by the famous South Korean band BTS. The cast of the television space performed a parody of the k-pop group dressing up in colorful clothes and wigs for a performance accompanied by an interview in which each of the seven singers was introduced using false names, such as “Kim Jong Un” or “Two”, “Three” and “Four”, in an unsubtle allusion to the North Korean leader.

Throughout the conversation, the presenter asked the actors posing as the BTS boys if any of them could speak Korean, to which one of them tried to imitate the language by articulating nonsensical words and sounds that, when asked what He had said, assured that they meant: “I have already been vaccinated.”

The response from the band’s fans has not been long in coming: on social networks they have denounced the program accusing it of racism with the hashtag #Elracismonoescomedia and the story is grabbing headlines around the world, to the point that some South Korean media have expressed his outrage at what happened. Among those who have spoken about it is the Korean columnist Jae-Ha Kim, who has been through media such as Chicago TribuneVogue, and New York Daily News and who has now joined the outrage of BTS followers.


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“This is not how I wanted to spend my Sunday, but here we are. Racism is not funny. Repeating the name of a dictator is not smart. Making fun of a language you don’t understand is not fun. We are in 2021. Enough of all this, ”he tweeted.

The unfortunate broadcast came to light shortly after the BTS members opened up about the racism they themselves have been victims of as part of a call to stop attacks against people from the Asian community in the United States. The Chilean channel Mega has not yet published an official statement, but some of the actors have broken their silence to insist that it was not their intention to offend anyone: “What a pity that part of the BTS fans have taken it that way. Every day it is more difficult to make humor ”, has lamented Oscar Sépulveda, one of the comedians who participated in the program.


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