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Bang Si-hyuk, also known as hitman bang, is the manager of BTS, that is, the producer of the most important global music event over the years. Sometimes he is critical and raises his voice when his artists do not meet the quality standards required to emerge. However, he does this only in private, while on stage he gives space to his talents.

Today’s record companies are vastly different from those that operated in the past. our Claudio Cecchetto, known to have been established in the 80s radio dj And he continues to arouse interest in his exploits of various kinds, even in the field of politics, for the discovery of talents such as Lorenzo Jovanotti and 883. In the international scenario, richard bransonThe famed founder of the Virgin label, after making headlines as an atoll owner and pioneer in the aviation industry, is now back in the limelight by organizing (or almost…) travel experiences in space through Virgin Galactic.

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what interest bang c-hook There are numerical results. In 2021, the South Korean outfit contributed 0.3% to South Korea’s GDP. Through concerts, streaming and merchandising, they have managed to generate a revenue of $4.65 billion. 2023 will be a somewhat complicated year for them, as the band members will be engaged in military service, which lasts 18 to 21 months in Korea. This is a serious matter, especially given the current tensions with North Korea. However, this will only be a temporary bracket: Bang Si-hyuk leaves nothing to chance and will be able to financially take advantage of future reunions of the group and the solo careers of BTS’ seven members.

Focusing again on the data, it’s no coincidence that the most loved group in the world is made up of seven different artists, each with talents in singing and dancing, but with their own personalities and styles. Some of them are proficient in rap (RM, Suga), some have a background as a dancer (J-Hope, Park Ji Min, Jungkook), one comes from the world of acting (Jin), while another is into sex (V ) plays. , When everyone comes together in a song that skillfully blends different musical styles, their success is by no means accidental.

Everything is carefully planned by Bang Si-hyuk. The manager allows room for the creativity of individual artists, but guides it in the right direction. Naturally, this direction is a worldwide success.

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