BTS V’s new music video: Love Me Again

The single of another solo member of BTS has been released! Vpreviously announced the release of his first solo album at the end of the summer, released the first track of the project called Love me againalong with the music video on Wednesday, August 9th.

Video Love me again V from BTS

The video for the song never gets too far away from V’s face.. BTS member takes the stage to sing a relaxing R&B track, as if he were singing about his feelings for the person in the audience (hidden from the camera). As her sequined shirts sparkle under the stage lights, V sings, “I think about you all the time / Where are you, who are you with / Lost without you, baby / I want you to love me again / No, I don’t” nobody else.”

Love me again this is the first taste of V’s debut solo albumentitled stop. On Tuesday, Big Hit Entertainment announced that the album will be released on September 8th. The set will include six tracks in total: rainy days, blue, Love me again, A slow dance, For us and bonus track, piano version A slow dance. The latter, described by Big Hit as a romantic 1970s soul track that “exudes a relaxed and carefree feel”, will be the project’s lead single.

This solo work of V is coming after the departure of his BTS bandmates. Jungkook posted a month ago Seven which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Suga’s D-Day came in April, while Jimin’s FACE (which includes the Hot 100’s “Like Crazy” #1) came in March.

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