Buenos Aires lights up monuments in August

Thanks to the added remote management of the Led lighting project, it is possible to illuminate the iconic monuments and facades of the city. The technology allows themed lighting to be remotely programmed in advance, changing intensity and color to commemorate a country’s national date or anniversary (Bolivia, India, the Immortal Path of General Jose de San Martin, UruguayArgentina Independence, Venezuela Independence, Colombia, Peru, 100th Anniversary of Favaloro’s Birth, Montenegro, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Immortal Road of Martin de Gemes, Flags, Road Safety, European Union, National Anthem, Paraguay, 6 Years Electricity Dependency Act, Recycling Day, May Week, Veterans and Fallen in the Malvinas War, BAF Week, Women, Women’s Bridge Inauguration, Women’s Day Events, Pope Francis 10th Inauguration, Ireland/St Patrick, Memorial Day, Chinese New Year, Kuwait, Ukraine, World Cup Qatar, Panama, Angola, Nigeria, Austria, Turkey, Central America, Chile, Mexico, Slovakia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Belgium, Galicia , Italian Immigration, Africa, Norway, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Women’s Month, Emperor’s Day, Finland, Police, Children, Czech Republic, Spain, Malaysia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ecuador, etc.).

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