Buffalo fan LeBron James makes bold prediction about son Deion Sanders just minutes after being kicked off by son Bronny’s teammates

We know about LeBron James’ stellar comeback in the NBA. The most memorable moment of LeBron’s career came in 2017, when he defeated the Warriors 73-9 in Game 7. After trailing 3-1 in the final, Brown snatched victory from the Warriors to earn his third chip. Likewise, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has made a notable turnaround from last year’s dismal 1-11 record in the PAC-12 Division.

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Sanders and his team staged an impressive comeback, tripling their win tally from last season. Colorado has gone 3-0 against PAC-12 opponents and is currently ranked second, trailing only USC. The Akron Hammers took to social media after their game against the Trojans to make a bold prediction for Deion Sanders’ son.

Clash of the Titans USC vs. Colorado


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Just a year ago, it would have been nearly impossible to imagine Buffalo facing the USC Trojans. However, Deion Sanders’ magic makes college football worth getting excited about. Under his guidance, Colorado battled against USC. However, thanks to an early 13-0 lead, the Trojans managed to hold off Sanders’ Buffaloes 48-41. Throughout the game, USC players paid tribute to King James. In particular, Bronny’s teammate Caleb Williams replicated the iconic “Crown” moment during the game.

Meanwhile, after the game at Folsom Field, LeBron James made a prediction about Deion Sanders’ quarterback son Shadell Sanders and Williams. LBJ posted video of two young quarterbacks receiving postgame predictions, “Fact 2 Future NFL Star!!!”

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LeBron James is a fan of Deion Sanders

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LeBron James has been a passionate football fan his entire life. He joined the high school football team at a young age and showed exceptional skills on the field as a sophomore. This leads many to believe that he has the potential to have a successful NFL career. The Los Angeles Lakers forward has followed Deion Sanders’ career closely and follows the coach’s social media posts.


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King James retweeted a photo of Coach Prime, writing: “I smile at the people who have said the most horrible things about me and they think I don’t know.” “Keep doing it! By now they should know I don’t forget anything!” The former MVP retweeted Sanders’ photo. How do you think the rest of the season will go for Coach Prime?

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