Buffon confirms his marriage to Ilaria D’Amico: “I’m always happy with her”

Gigi Buffon AND Ilaria D’Amico Yes they will get married in June 2024. The football player, who was heard by Tg1 microphones, confirmed the wedding plan (already revealed by his partner during a recent interview) and spoke about his love for his partner. “Calculate what’s behind the party“, said the former Juventus goalkeeper, speaking to a reporter about the orange blossom event scheduled for next summer.

Gigi Buffon and marriage to Ilaria D’Amico

Gigi, speaking of his partner, added: “This is what makes me the happiest and gives me confidence in my future life.“. And again: “I need to talk to Ilaria there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been happy“. Buffon and Ilaria they have been a couple since 2014 (since the football player married Alena Seredova) and two children were born from their love: Leopoldo and Mattia. Last year, rumors reported about the couple’s alleged crisis, which occurred after 8 years of love, but was never confirmed by the direct participants. The TV presenter said that she received a proposal for a wedding in January, when she was in Parma.

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