Building 3 Murders Only, a review of the first two episodes

only murders in the building

From August 8th on Disney+, like Star Original, the first two episodes of the third season are finally available Only murders in the buildingbrilliant and compelling comedy series created by Steve Martin AND John Hoffman aired in the US on Hulu and produced 20s TV.

A series in which the main characters are famous actors. Steve Martin AND Martin Shortjoin this adventure Selena Gomez, achieved incredible success with critics and viewers from the first two seasons.

We are talking about one comedy with noteworthy dramatic moments that were able to keep the audience interested, making them laugh, think and move, using an increasingly lively interest, especially in the USA, to true crime and to be able, among other things, to correctly parody this trend.

Really great comedy

Highlights in Only murders in the building there are many of them, starting with the characteristics of the main characters, with Charles Hayden Savage (Steve Martin) e Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) who are both old glories in the glossy entertainment world. One is a now-forgotten actor who, as the protagonist of a very popular television series, hit the ground running many years ago, the other is a failed Broadway director who also lives on in old memories and increasingly reassuring attention.

To complete the trio, that is Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) is a young woman who is renovating her aunt’s apartment in a New York City apartment complex. Arconia. And it’s Arconia that brings the three of them together (since they all live there), but the strongest thing they find in common is their passion for the true crime podcast.

Passion suddenly becomes part of their reality when they find themselves investigating a mysterious murder that took place right in the luxury apartment complex where they live, thus giving life to their personal true crime podcast called Only murders in the building.

true crime podcasts and the way it emerges and develops hand in hand with the events of the narrative is another standout element present in this television series, the way the writers have exploited such a popular trend is brilliant and provides reflections on modern society and what fascinates the people who compose it, often bored and looking for a thrill or neighborhood drama that, in addition to enchanting them to its resolution, in some cases also bitterly makes them feel less miserable in their lives.

The union of the three protagonists with their different facets of character and the excellent interpretations they were able to give us, combined with a brilliant and fresh script that illuminates a cross section of society, overturning and poking fun at the dogmas of crime television products, make the series one of the best products of the modern comedy landscape. which is definitely worth continuing or starting to watch.

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short in Only murders in the building 3

Season Three Kicks off: Rattle Dazzle Debuts

In this third season, which will be released weekly every Tuesday for 8 weeks starting with episode 3, the main elements, as always, are our main characters, the world of entertainment and a murder mystery to be investigated.

Since the end of last season, we’ve been shown a new character, played by Paul Rudd, for a few minutes, and we’ve been introduced to what we’ll later find in Only murders in building 3.

Oliver, thanks to the success of the podcast, was given the opportunity to return to Broadway theaters to direct a yellowish new musical called Rattle Dazzlethe main character of which is the famous actor Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd).

However, during the first, a mysterious event occurs that causes the project to be canceled and gives the final go-ahead for the trio’s new investigations and the return of their podcast.

Another murder has been committed inside Arconia, and naturally, our protagonists are determined to expose the culprit.

outside Paul Rudd to the cast Only murders in the building and that of Rattle Dazzle we should remember the presence in the cast of the third season of Meryl Streep, an incredible actress, owner three Oscars who plays the part Loretta Durkinwhich we only know a little about in these first episodes, but which is definitely something to keep an eye on because it could hold some surprises.

Martin Short and Paul Rudd Only murders in the building 3

Is the format repeating after three seasons?

Despite, First episode: The show should… there is a completely unexpected plot twist that directly plays with the narrative structure of the series in second episode, The beat doesn’t stopeverything is turned upside down again so that you can return to the journey along the original paths.

Narration device hence, even after this trick, the starting point is always the same, but in no way annoyingly repetitive, because it’s just there, identifying the engine Only murders in the building which then allows the tangle of events to slowly unravel. Also memory which are inserted, as in any crime series, reveal details and events that are seemingly hidden in a linear narrative, but are skillfully used as a real tool for the viewer, who can reconstruct the story through them and speculate about what will happen without acting as just cliche.

These first two episodes confirm the high level of this series and do not deceive expectations at all, the plot is intriguing and the focus is much more obvious on the world Hollywood it’s a compelling choice, and if executed well in the next few episodes, it could be seen as a strength and novelty for this third season.

Life Charles, olivers AND Mabel insideArcody they seem uninteresting without the involvement of the murder, but to get to the present, we dig into the past, so we are sure to learn something more about our main characters and their lives during the rehearsals of the musical and in the months leading up to the key event. .

In the next few weeks, we’ll see how things unfold and what surprises our main characters have in store for us, but for now, these first two episodes are a great start.


The first two episodes of Only Murders in Building 3 are well structured and engaging, and are a great place to start. The comedy series, created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, is confirmed to be of high quality from all points of view so far, with good direction, intriguing dynamics, even if initially they always follow the same pattern, and the main characters are so characterized and interpreted that you wish you could see them on screen in more than 10 episodes. A more than satisfying debut that bodes well and we’ll see how the momentum unfolds in the coming weeks.

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