Burst! Two months, in the bottom of the lake, the iPhone 11 Found and is Still capable of


Suara.com – Who would have thought, if a smartphone is already submerged, is still functioning normally. No kidding, the iPhone 11 is already under water in the bottom of the lake for 2 months. It is interesting to note that the smartphones belonging to Apple that it still works.

The story of the lost iPhone 11 this comes from the family of Lisa and Jacob Troyer are on a vacation together to Disney World, Florida, United States of America in October 2019 before.

Enjoy the holiday with each of the trips in these places, the family Troyer Board the ferry for the Mickey-mouse-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom.

Alerts Page Mac Rumorswhile in the vehicle for this game, iPhone 11 Lisa Troyer suddenly fell out of your pocket and the entrance of the Seven seas Laggon, this is a small lake in front of the Magic Kingdom.

Because you already pretty late in the night, it is not possible, the iPhone 11 it back. Although upset and sad because of the loss of the device, a variety of holiday photos of his family, they are family, contains then let your devices-iPhone, 11.

As of tomorrow, Lisa Troyer came in, and then enter the contact information to the employees of Disney world, and I hope the iPhone can be found 11 yours, later.

A few months passed, he had forgotten iPhone 11. No idea, Lisa Troyer, and then got a call from Disney World, the preaching that his team has found, the iPhone 11.

Figure Walt Disney World in Orlando. (Pixabay/onecrazykatie)
Figure Walt Disney World in Orlando. (Pixabay/onecrazykatie)

iPhone 11, your and then returned it after 2 months, embedded in the bottom of the lake. Clearly, the device is brand-new from the Apple family is still able to function normally.

He is of course very happy, because the moments of the holidays with family can be together forever, he recalls, still confident on the phone are stored.

Lisa Troyer and then send an E-Mail to Apple CEO, Tim Cook. To tell him about the iPhone to 11 hers, who is still functioning after 2 months, embedded in the bottom of the lake. Tim Cook then you reply to the E-Mail with a thank you to him.