Bus transport is irregular, for passengers, for the delivery of Buser perceived


The company already has a number of messages since the beginning of September

The company already has a number of messages since the beginning of September – this is a simple.

On the evening of Wednesday (the 23.) there is a bus from the Company, the only Problem was that it act irregularly for the transportation of passengers from Campo Grande to Corumba, in the service of the platform, Buser arrested andteam-supervision of the Agepan (State Agency responsible for the regulation of Public services. The vehicle was held back, at the exit of the city and by the court, the Dmv/MS).

The seizure was due to the lack of the necessary permits for the implementation of the Charter. The company already has a number of messages since the beginning of September for the breach of any regulation. Other than that it is allowed to operate by the standards for this service, issued by the Ema for a license for the transportation of passengers, led by Buser and go on a one-way street – as if it were a one-way ticket than a round – trip, and so it was with the permission of a restricted license in the electronic systems of the Agepan.

The company was recommended, the note, the obligations of the Charter, as well as to submit statements to the Agency, which were not complied with. The audit also found that the excursions to be made to continue, even in an irregular manner, and without the granting of a marketing authorisation.


The purpose of this practice is irregular, has led the Agepan to a meeting with prosecutors this week to tell you what the risk of injury to both the passenger and the transport system as a whole, especially in a time when it is set-up by the state, the new master plan for the public traffic on the road, in Mato Grosso do Sul. “This is the kind of activity that has been made by Buser, the rules of the Charter, to hide completely a loss for the state, and undermines the obligation of the public Prosecutor’s office, which is responsible for the planning and invitation to tender for the lines,” says the chief executive officer of the Agency, Youssif Domingos, the, was, together with the Director of transportation, the First of Rodrigues, in the Public sector.

“The Plan is, the card in detail, the service, format it into a template that is effective, and the interference is pretty bad, so it’s going to be a coibida,” He adds. “Has the Agency strengthening its partnerships with law enforcement agencies, including the roads and a resource start-intensive process of fighting this type of transport.

Freight-x liner

The violation of the provisions of the Charter, the company has practiced the service is equivalent to the regular line of the strict rules that must be adhered to by the operators, who have registered. The fulfilment of the time, regardless of the number of passengers; provision of free legal advice to the lines operating, even if at a loss, are some of the standards, the prerequisites are regular for the company, and which are not, followed are by a company is illegal, if you practice, the trip is not permitted.

The warning to the user

The Agepan the user is warned that the journey by the regular service is a service of the platform, Buser is not permitted to offer and sell, because it is a service to the public is the responsibility of the state in which the offer, either directly or, as in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the office. It can only be therefore operated, by the delegatárias legal and within the rules of the Treaty.

The Charter flight is a private service that can be provided by a third party, and to the extent that they are regularly accredited in the Agepan, and follow all applicable rules required for the service of shipping”, he said to the chief during his early years. “The non-compliance with these rules is entitled to a fine, and seizure and with the Agepan will fulfil its mandate to monitor and enforce the do the penalties for such.

All eight passengers were transported, which landed illegally in a bus, was arrested today were in the vicinity of the airport of Campo Grande, and later was paid in the bus-carrier on the line, with the tickets from the company to the Ema.

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