But it was he who gave birth to Tavullia



Handing over the keys to Tavullia to Valentino Rossi is like handing over the keys to the Vatican to the Pope. A beautiful, but only symbolic gesture, and Tavulia for Valentino, and the Vatican for the Pope have always been their business. How else would it be possible that for several years, starting in 2004, on the occasion of the appointment, which went under the now worn-out name “Tavullia Vale”, this blond made tens of thousands of people climb the hills of Tavulia, but not jokingly, as “attendance “today caught fire at any toy fair: it was enough to look at the square in the evening, as he, having sent everyone into a swoon, exhausting them from the fatigue of waiting, finally appeared on the stage near Cassero.

It would have been more normal if Valentino had given a key to every inhabitant of Tavullia, and perhaps a special key to his admirers who had come from outside. Where in the world could you deny access to a man like Valentino Rossi? Brad Pitt said that he would like to be him, Maradona kissed his hand with gasoline, Michael Jordan got angry while riding in a car with him, he called you the king of Spain, holding his hand on his shoulder in a friendly way.

If he had woken up one morning and asked for Tavullia to become an autonomous republic, he would have found supporters. Adored son of a beautiful and kind place that seems to have been created especially for him, his true greatness was sanctified by his return home, a rare example that refutes the saying: Tavulia did not give birth to Valentino, but vice versa.


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