But what you have done in the face! Sommer Ray unrecognizable


The finishing touches in the face are each time more common, and according to cosmetic surgeons, each time more durable, and natural. Medicine advances, and in the case of the branch of aesthetics, it should be more efficient and according to the social need as possible. People want to look better, in the shortest possible time and with results that are strategically built. Up to a personality that for many was already perfect, as Sommer Ray, has fallen into the honey of the touch-ups.

With 23 years of age would be unlikely to necessitate any agreement, much less when you have a divine face like the Sommer. But the model must have their reasons, as we are in the boom of the 21st century, where everything that is impossible becomes possible.

In order not to lose contact with your audience, Ray posted on his Instagram a photo where looks splendid with a suit of leopard, which completely covers his body, highlighting, with the hair loose and in waves. But the main issue is his face, his expression warns us of danger, and her cheekbones look retouched, it was probably a session express to give a slight change to his face and he got it.

This time she managed a change for the better, but if you were hoping to not be noticed, sure was disappointed. In the comments, some of his followers recognized that looks different, however, most admires her beauty is exotic and different.

Sommer Ray speaks with snakes

The u.s. may surprise you more. A few days ago published that he had always envied the ability of Harry Potter to communicate with snakesbut he says: It turns out that what I have been doing for years.

Sommer Ray it is unpredictable as none, one day you may be happy hugging their dogs and the next day with snakes in her fingers. Maybe you could teach us a thing or two about that courage. For something is the influencer of the moment.