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Buy and sell bitcoins in Colombia easily and safely with BitMoney

Key facts:
  • The commissions for buying and selling Bitcoin on BitMoney are very favorable.

  • Choose the amount you want to buy or sell, from 100,000,000 COP to 5,000,000 COP.

In 2021 BitMoney arrives in Colombia to speed up transactions with Bitcoin via Telegram, know the 5 advantages of operating with this OTC direct market.

1.- BitMoney an OTC Direct Market

A characteristic of OTC direct market is to set the prices of buying and selling bitcoin in real time based on demand. This gives the option of immediate transaction and eliminates the long waits for the fulfillment of the exchanges since there is no need to publish an offer or take one already created.

With BitMoney choose the amount you want to buy or sell, the options range from 100,000,000 COP to 5,000,000 COP. You do not require large investments, buy or sell Bitcoin according to your transaction needs.

The rates for buying and selling Bitcoin in BitMoney are very favorable compared to the options presented in the local market. Learn more about current rates in the rates section of our website.

2.- It gives you the speed and security that you need so much

In P2P markets, making an exchange requires publishing an offer and waiting for a response. This can take a long time because you have to wait for a third party to take your offer, which is often tedious when you need to make the transaction immediately.

For this, buy and sell bitcoin in BitMoney via Telegram, it is the best option if what you are looking for is a market where you can make your transactions without having to wait for a third party.

When we talk about speed, we not only refer to waiting times, which is an essential factor in making decisions in transactions, we also talk about the operation and management of Exchange applications and markets.

With BitMoney, operations are more agile and from one place. Enter the telegram channel at @BitMoney_otc_bot and follow the instructions for registering and activating your account. That’s how easy you can start making transactions with Bitcoin.

This is how BitMoney via Telegram offers you easier transactions to buy Bitcoin according to your investment needs, without any fear and as quickly as possible.

3.- It has a KYC registration and verification system

Another advantage of registering with BitMoney via Telegram is that it has a security and authentication system of the KYC (Know Your Customer) profile that guarantees a safe environment to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies. In addition, BitMoney complies with all the verifications of the policies for Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism AML (Anti Money Laundry), which supports the quality of the assets operated on the platform.

BitMoney supports each of the operations carried out on its platform, which guarantees the fulfillment of each transaction.

4.- It is very easy and intuitive to operate

BitMoney has a platform that facilitates the transactions of the buying and selling bitcoin. Once a user has registered their data and credentials in Telegram, they can navigate through the following options:

  • Fees: It shows you the rates for buying and selling bitcoin in real time.
  • Buy or sell: This is where the exchange process begins by following a few simple instructions. It is necessary to have a digital wallet for Bitcoin and a bank account, used according to the operation to be carried out.
  • FAQs o Frequently Asked Questions: Here you will find the answers to the most common questions among users.
  • Profile: you will find your registration data.
  • Adviser: If you have any difficulties, you can contact one of our advisors here.

With BitMoney in a few steps you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Colombia, without the need to download specialized applications, since the entire exchange process is carried out via Telegram.

The platform has a friendly interface that allows you to have control of the purchase and sale operation at all times. You easily define what kind of exchange to carry out, the amount of assets to be traded, the selection of the means of payment and the place where the assets traded in the operation will be deposited.

The BitMoney Bot is designed to facilitate exchanges, secure your personal data, help you with your transactions and give you relevant information about the purchase and sale prices depending on the value of Bitcoin at the moment.

5.- 24/7 operations

Another advantage of BitMoney is that it is available for you to carry out your transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Accompaniment throughout the exchange is one of BitMoney’s main priorities, and it guarantees the commitment to provide the best service to its users.

With BitMoney you buy and sell Bitcoin faster and 24 hours a day. BitMoney is the best option for those people who are starting to invest in Bitcoin. Also for those more experienced who need more agile exchanges in the crypto world.

Do not miss the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin easily, quickly and safely in Colombia with BitMoney via Telegram. That easy!

Disclaimer: The content and links provided in this article are for informational purposes only. CriptoNoticias does not offer legal, financial or investment recommendations or advice, nor does it replace the due diligence of each interested party. CriptoNoticias does not endorse any investment or similar offer promoted here. click here for more information.

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