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Jess Williamson And his countrymen return with a new album of unreleased tracks on Mexican Summer, time is not random Released on 9 June. This is the fifth test for the singer from Austin after good success in solo sorceress and paired with waxhatchee In plains Together i went a way with you,

The album was composed by Jass himself after the end of a long relationship with historical partner, lover in life and composer and musician with him for the previous record. Finding herself alone in Los Angeles during the pandemic, she wrote these songs in a codified style dealing with conflicting feelings and themes such as loss of love and isolation, which we call Americana with singers such as Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris. can define correctly, still taking a reference with a pop. touch (time is not randomfirst remember Taylor Swift) and a sweet taste to distinguish her from the mass of seekers.

Of course, it still remains a disc of style and tradition, even if both the trio and individual projects have tangents to Boygenius’ releases. To date, the singer-songwriter from Austin has never shone for originality and has yet to bring out the elements and stylistic characteristics that have been able to set him apart from the thick competition: a fusion of the folk tradition and the American slow-rock tradition. The association with American Streets exists and continues to sound genuine, missing unusual shimmer, spark or even just the nose for winning pieces (even though Hunter And this title track They are great singles).

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