Buy TV, iPhone and computers in Chile: they are 80% cheaper

Days ago, Chilean health authorities announced that as of January 1, tourists will be able to visit the country without any restrictions.

To enter the territory, it will be mandatory to have a PCR negative 72 hours before boarding the plane; statement sworn; a safe doctor that covers from US $ 30,000 of expenses; and present the license from vaccination up to date.

In this context, A wave of Argentines is expected to travel specifically to Chile to buy technological devices up to 110% cheaper.

For a long time, buying in Chile was the easiest option to save on technology. There were hundreds of Argentines who preferred to buy in the neighboring country than in their own land, because prices are much lower due to the exchange rate and, on the other hand, high inflation also plays a role in the rise in prices of gadgets.

According to a recent report by Grover, Argentina is the most expensive country on a global scale to buy technology.

Last year, due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, that “shopping paradise” was punctured but the perspective changes due to the reopening.

In this line, it must be taken into account that packages to Chile in the month of January with direct flights, accommodation, transfer and assistance included for two people range between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000.

Therefore, if it is considered that the price difference in Chile fluctuates between 15% and 110% depending on the products, the cost of tickets would be being amortized by the cost of technology.

What you have to know yes or yes to buy without problems in Chile

Before traveling to Chile, you have to take into account the exchange rate, given that As it is about purchases in foreign currency with a credit card, it is obligatory to pay the tax of 30% and the advance of profits of 35%.

In total, Argentines traveling to Chile they will pay about $ 175 per dollar, taking into account the dollar value of Banco Nación of the day ($ 105.75) and the 65% surcharge.

These two taxes appear on the card summary as “DB.RG 4815 35%” and “DB.TAX COUNTRY 30%”.

In Chile, the dollar variable also plays with the local peso: $ 810 Chilean pesos are equal to US $ 1, therefore, to convert the value of a product in Chilean pesos to dollars, the corresponding conversion must be made.

How much does technology cost in Chile?

  1. iPhone 11: In Chile, Apple sells the 64 GB storage model for $ 539,990, about $ 667 (making the corresponding conversion from one dollar to $ 810 Chilean pesos). In Argentina, this same model is around $ 214,999, about US $ 1,228 taking into account the price of the tourist dollar ($ 175). In percentage, the difference is 84%.

    iPhone 11 in Argentina.

    iPhone 11 in Chile

  2. iPhone 12 Pro Max: The official Apple store in Chile sells this model for US $ 1,360 and in Argentina it is available for US $ 2,858, that is, 110% more expensive.

    iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Apple 12 Pro Max in Chile

  3. iPhone 13: In Chile, the Manzanita company sells this model for US $ 1,074. In Argentina, the iPhone 13 mini, that is, the “small” version costs US $ 1,782, about $ 311,999. As a percentage, in the local market this product is 65% more expensive.

    iPhone 13 mini in Argentina

    iPhone 13

  4. Motorola G9 Play: the 64 GB storage model is available in Chile for US $ 120, while in Argentina the same model is around US $ 257 and is a 114% more expensive.

    In Chile, the dollar variable also plays with the local peso: $ 810 Chilean pesos are equal to US $ 1, therefore, to convert the value of a product in Chilean pesos to dollars, the corresponding conversion must be made.

  5. Xiaomi Redmi 9: in Chile you get US $ 170, about $ 139,990 Chilean pesos. On the other hand, in Argentina, this model costs $ 44,000, about US $ 250. In percentage, it is 47% more expensive.

  6. Sony TV Bravia model: This 75-inch television is bought in Chile at US $ 1,570 and in Argentina the same version is around US $ 2,860, being a 82% more expensive.

  7. HP Pavilion X360 Notebook: In Chile, this model is around US $ 580 ($ 470,000) while in Argentina it costs US $ 680 ($ 119,000). In other words, in the local market it is 17% more expensive.

    HP Pavilion in Argentina.

    HP Pavilion in Chile

  8. Acer Ryzen 7 Notebook: in the Andean country, this laptop costs around US $ 1,015 and in Argentina its price exceeds US $ 1,350, that is, it is 33% more expensive.

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