Buyer has Sold on ginger, turmeric and galangal In the city of Padang, traders Refer to dozens of Kg


Ginger, turmeric, galangal has been fixed, by the buyer, the dealer, the ten kilograms of call sold

Report Reporter Rima Kurniati

TRIBUNPADANG.COM PADANG – Although the market of Raya Padang looked empty of people, not so influential on the purchasing power of the traders of ginger.

Dealer of ginger in the market of Raya Padang by the name of Zul bra (55) said, as it’s a Corona-Virus plus encouragement to home or social distancing market highway so empty.

“Since the (virus) Corona, Pasar Raya Padang is reduced so that the expenditure may be afraid out of the house,” said Zul, Wednesday (25/3/2020) in Padang.

Zul said that although the market does not affect the abandoned Highway of the buyer, the sale and purchase of goods.

To improve to the extent that this ad Zul daganganya, such as ginger, turmeric, galangal, sought-after communities, the durability of the body.

“I don’t sell relates, ginger, candle nut, turmeric, also, because many people who buy medication, let the body resistance is strong,” said Zul.

Self red ginger sell one kilogram to Rp 60 thousand, ginger is used to the Rp 32 thousand in a kilogram, and turmeric in a kilogram (Kg) to Rp 16 thousand.

“The price of ginger red Rp 60 thousand up to a kilogram of ginger is used, the Rp 32 thousand, if turmeric Rp said 16 thousand in kilograms”, Zul.

• Many are mistaken, This is the meaning of the Official ODP, PDP & Suspect Corona Version of the guidelines Covid-19 Ministry of health RI

• The anticipation of the Corona Virus, the police Dismissed the people, the hunting of the pigs on the ground Flat, west Sumatra

Zul said, in a day can be several tens of kilograms of red ginger buyers bought.

“A lot of that buy, it could be several tens of kilograms, I can’t berapanya count. More than sebelummya. Thank God,” he said.

Similarly, dealer in ginger-Hilma Mutia, said that many people who buy ginger, especially Housewives, the anticipation of the corona.

Hilma said sold in a day up to 20 kilograms of ginger.

“But in General, long endless, it is possible that one day, it could be sold 4 to 5 kilograms,” says Hilma (*)