By 2020, Samsung will Release a Smartphone 5G in More than 40 countries


EXACTLY.CO., Samsung Electronics release plans Smartphone 5G in more than 40 countries per year up to 2020.

“We believe that in around 40 countries with the 5G service this year, but depending on the schedule of their commercialisation, and release schedules Smartphone 5G, we can be changed”, said the head of the team of Technology Strategy at Samsung, Lee June-hee, Yonhap reported on Wednesday (11/3/2020).

In the last year Smartphone 5G Samsung sold in 22 countries. It is expected that Samsung will sell the device mobile To start 5G-his two-fold this year, as many mobile operators prepare for round-the-world, 5G service.

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“In the year 2019, we will collect the majority of the market share of devices 5G with more than 6.7 million. Smartphone enabled 5G delivered,” a statement in an editorial, the recently in-post on the website of the company.

“By 2020, we will is the 5G more accessible, because we carry devices Galaxy 5G to be twice as much as the country.”

Technology giant from South Korea is now trying to expand its global presence in the midst of the rising service mobile the next generation. Samsung launched a variant of the 5G of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy fold, and Galaxy A90 last year.

This year, Samsung hopes that the line Smartphone its flagship new sales leads software mobile 5G. The Third Model Samsung Galaxy S20 Series S20, S20, S20 Ultra, which was launched this month to support 5G.

“We want to be by 2020, the year where every consumer, the benefits of connectivity, 5G, starting with the Galaxy-series S20,” said Lee.