By Covid-19, have been lost 346 thousand jobs: STPS


Luisa María Alcalde Luján, owner of the Labour and Social welfare (STPS), reported that by the contingency of the coronavirus Covid-19 we have lost 346 thousand 878 jobs in the country.

At a press conference in National Palace, the secretary pointed out that it was the 13 of march, the date on which they began to locate the fall in formal employment in the country as a result of this pandemic, and noted that they are large companies which have laid-off workers.

“As of march 13, we began to co-locate a drop in the formal employment, identifying that from march 13 to march 31 were lost to 198 thousand jobs and 148 thousand 845 so far, in the 1 to the 6 of April which is the cut that we have today, that is to say, between march 13 and April 6 have been lost 346 thousand 878 jobs.

The secretary explained that the six entities with the greatest loss of employment are Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco, State of Mexico and Tamaulipas, entities that “record 56% of the total separations of workers at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS)”.

He indicated that micro-enterprises are less likely to have dismissed workers compared with large enterprises, “not all, are some, but if you register this size businesses where greater separation has been of the workers”.

Mayor Lujan pointed out that there is no legal basis, the face of this emergency, to separate the workers, or to dismiss them and called the companies “to reconsider, because we believe that it is a crucial moment of solidarity in the face of this contingency. There is No basis to be able to run, to fire, to stop paying the salary to the workers in this time of health emergency”.

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