By Covid-19, on the phone, give you 100 free minutes to customers with prepaid


The cell phone users in Mexico will be able to count, on a single occasion, an emergency plan free of charge in the case of pre-payment or refills regular balance, reported by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT).

“These users are those that in principle could be more vulnerable and run out of the service for not only the health situation but also by the economic, or in an extreme case, someone recovering that couldn’t get out to top”, he noted Arturo Roblescommissioner of the institute.

The plans will provide at least 100 minutes of calls and 150 short messages (SMS) and will be able to continue to receive free calls and SMS messages to keep them incommunicado during the contingency.

“This plan can be activated, in all cases, at least from now until the April 30,” that is when he ends the Healthy Distance, stressed Oak trees.

However, the operator of cell phone largest in the country and would extend the offer beyond this date if there is declaratory of restrictions on the transit and isolation.

In the case of post-paid or monthly plan, some companies will allow their customers to migrate, temporarily and without penalty, to plans with preferential prices during the contingency.

The companies that offer these possibilities are AT&T, Movistar and Telcel, said the regulator.

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Another difference lies in how many days you have to use these calls and messages, “in the case of the largest operator (Telcel) are at least 15 days to be used up to 30 days in some cases (AT&T and Movistar)”.

As part of these packages do not include data or internet since it is a question of an emergency plan.

“Users must be careful to reserve it in case of an emergency situation”, he stressed.

Interviewed by THE UNIVERSALthe commissioner said that the initiative of the regulator has as objective that the networks and services will continue to function without problems of saturation or interruption of the same. And “that no one is left incommunicado during the contingency”, he stressed.

In addition, users of any cell company, including the virtual mobile operators, can access at no cost to the portal

According to data from the IFT, of the 121 million mobile lines in the country, 83% are prepaid customers, this represents more than 90 million lines.

“Users will be able to access without cost to the mobile application COVID-19MX the ministry of Health and, depending on what is implemented by each operator, to pages educational and cultural”.

With respect to the operators móvles virtual as Virgin Mobile, Freedom Pop, or Ouithe commissioner explained that work with them and with the Shared Network Wholesaler to analyze the implementation of a similar system.


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