By quoting Shakespeare. Catherine Zeta-Jones showed a photo of a kiss with Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones posted a new romantic photo on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones delighted fans with a fresh romantic shot with her husband, actor Michael Douglas.

The 51-year-old movie star posted on Instagram a photo of a kiss with her 76-year-old husband. The picture shows a star couple posing against the backdrop of the ocean during sunset.

In the caption to the touching shot, the actress quoted Shakespeare.

“I cannot express my love in any other way, except with a kiss. William Shakespeare” wrote Catherine.

In the comments, the followers wished the couple happiness, and also admired their strong family. Note that in November 2020, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas celebrated the 20th anniversary of their marriage.

“Beautiful couple”, “Happiness to you!”, “After so many years together, there is still a spark between you!”, “You have gone through many trials together and what happiness you have managed to keep your family together”, “What a wonderful family”, “You amazing, “they write on the web.

Recall that the couple’s wedding took place on November 18, 2000. Zeta-Jones and Douglas dated for two years before legalizing their relationship. The couple has two children – son Dylan Michael Douglas and daughter Caris Zeta Douglas.

In 2011, Katherine received treatment for bipolar disorder and in 2013 for bipolar II disorder. In August 2013, Michael Douglas announced his intention to file for divorce. The reason for this statement was that the actor could no longer tolerate global depression, which is pronounced due to Catherine’s illness. However, already in November 2013 it became known that the couple had resumed their relationship.