By that, Drake will not be on the new album what’s my name??


R9 is, perhaps, the most is expected from the ‘Chinese Democracy’ Guns N ‘ Roses, and we expect this to drive the sim live up to expectations that we have of him.

While it has been confirmed the presence of The-Dream, the producer who helped with the Character– Released In the X -, famous for the viral hit of 2019 at the latest, Old-Town-Road– and in Haiti, Babii, the singer Rihanna has supported the beginning of his career, some of the biggest names have not been released.

By that, Drake will not be on the new album what's my name?? music

In the Anti he has worked with the SZA. In the Unapologetic he did what he did on the side from Eminem, Future, David Guetta, but one of its most important contributors, was Drake. For the canadian, he had a very difficult with her is that there seems to be something to say for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez but it brought to the land of hip-hop.

But this has never been confirmed in a sentimental relation between the two, and the singers were good, and the bad grades that have been documented to exhaustion. Some people say that they saw them kiss each other, then they stopped talking for months, ever since Rihanna first started going out with a billionaire Hassan Jameel, the relationship between the two seems to have broken for ever.

However, now that Rihanna is single again and is still working on the long-awaited disc, the fans are hoping that she and Drake will return, but not as a couple, but as collaborators on a new song for the R9.

The bad news, something must have happened between the two, as Rihanna said in an interview a few years ago, it has not even been friends, not enemies, and that was it.

By that, Drake will not be on the new album what's my name?? - colaboraciones_rihanna-1024x694

Now that the drive has already passed, the date of the premiere had promised Her to 2019), and fans are anxious Riri he said to T Magazine you don’t see a collaboration with Drake in the near future, and that, most definitely, at least for the next release.