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CABEI is looking for a consultant to help it implement Bitcoin in El Salvador

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration requests the services of consultants to help it implement the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador. Within days of the law coming into force, CABEI admits that there are delays and difficulties in understanding the issue by officials from that country, lack of infrastructure and dissemination of cryptocurrency as a payment method in rural areas.

A few days after the Bitcoin Law came into force in El Salvador, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) announced that in addition to providing technical advice to the government of Nayib Bukele, will contract the services from a consultancy to help you in the implementation of the cryptocurrency.

CABEI published on its website in the area of ​​institutional acquisitions, that requires hiring the specialized services of a consulting firm to advise them in the implementation of the legal course of Bitcoin in El Salvador, as well as the instrumentation and strategies to follow.

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The contracting of services is under the legend “Generation of Regulation Parameters and Implementation of the Bitcoin Law – Republic of El Salvador”, to help CABEI design the implementation objectives after September 7.

In June, CABEI Executive President Dante Mossi, announced that they would provide technical advice to the government of El Salvador for the development of the Bitcoin Law, as well as its “adaptation for legal use”, together with experts in the field, but had not specified that it would require the services of an external consultant until now. .

CABEI asks for help days before the Bitcoin Law is implemented in El Salvador

In public tender 074/2021, CABEI details that the consulting services are to design the implementation with the aim of becoming one of CABEI’s instruments to create new strategies, regarding cryptocurrency as a means of payment in El Salvador.

The consulting firms that apply You have until September 14 at 7:00 p.m. to submit your proposal, and subsequently the document backup process will begin on CABEI’s servers. In his Terms of Reference document he states that they require more knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain.

CABEI admits that El Salvador officials have an inadequate understanding of cryptocurrency, for which a continuous promotion of its benefits is needed, as well as monitoring specific policies that promote its mass adoption, in addition, it observes a greater digital divide with the Bitcoin Law, since rural areas lack the elements to build capacities for the use and handling of Bitcoin.

El Salvador Bitcoin

The document details that the contract to be signed will be for 75 days, from CABEI’s initiation order, but the term could be extended due to “force majeure”. In addition, the bank reserves the right to conclude the service contract early if it finds that the consultant does not adequately carry out the tasks provided for in the technical proposal.

The execution of the hiring of the consultant will be in three terms: the first payment will be 15 days after the start order, the second payment will be 45 days after the start order, and the third 75 days after. The consultant will be obliged to comply with the entire technical and economic offer, accept CABEI’s surveillance and guarantee access only to authorized personnel.

Meanwhile, CABEI agrees to pay up to $ 85,000.00 for the services of the consulting firm and the payment will be made in three parts, according to the progress of the consulting firm’s project. The bank will resolve doubts with consultants until September 8, which will be resolved in a personalized way.

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