Cachet hairstyle: stars compete in Paris Haute Couture

lin Week haute couture paris it all started with a style competition between world stars who share a common trait: a medium length haircut. Natalie Portman shows a soft long haircut in a brunette, Lea Seydoux comes with a golden bean and Diane Keaton launches silvered hair with a country chic accessory. Who will win?

Zendaya and the new bob: one of the web's most popular sources of inspiration

Zendaya and the new bob: one of the web's most popular sources of inspiration

Bob cut, Paris Haute Couture version

Paris Fashion Week officially kicks off with the arrival of stars ready to outshine everyone with their usual photos in front row. On the first day of the calendar discreet yet ultra-sophisticated bob. The ideal solution to feel stylish, at any age and in all colors, in the fabulous atmosphere that accompanies fashion shows.

Natalie Portman, soft brunette with a long bob

Paris, July 3, 2023 Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Haute Couture Collection by Christian Dior, inspired by the female figures of ancient philosophy. Luxurious draped dresses are paired with ultra simple hair, lots of very tight buns and some rare concessions to elegance. bob haircut with parting in the middle. The only modern twist is punctually picked up even by the stars in the front row.

Photo by Mark Piasecki/WireImage.

How Natalie Portmanone of the most famous muses of the French house, who wears a long haircut in solid brown shade. L’timeless hairstyle par excellence it is accompanied by flawless texture. Silky and shiny at the right point, only with curved tips. An ideal base for a sophisticated yet light make-up. Irreplaceable with an emphasis on the eyes, and lips of a natural pink color in a pendant with earrings. A masterpiece of minimal chic elegance.

Lea Seydoux, golden bob and red lipstick

At the same event, there is another Dior icon, the 38-year-old actress. Lea Seedux movie star Adel’s life and from No time to die. Also for her bean the best is the one who is on his own natural shadeand actually has a peculiar coloring something between golden brown and reddish-brown. The appearance of the hair almost matches the face and eyes Outdoorsexcept for the energy flash fiery creamy lipstick. Not matte, but not too glossy either.

Léa Seydoux at Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Fashion Show. (Photo by Viktor Boyko/Getty Images)

Diane Keaton, silver hair

Among the international stars present at ville lumiere is the 77-year-old Diane Keatonpresented in the stalls of the Parisian debut show Tom Brown. The American designer, born in 1965, has always been a big fan of the protagonist’s gray hair and hair. Annie and me AND book club they are the perfect homage.

Diane Keaton at the Tom Brown fashion show. getty photo

With a summer dandy fabric suit seersuckereccentric and very elegant Californian actress born in 1946 shows off her iconic accessories: a straw hat and brightly colored glasses.

However, as a true outsider, she plays in violation of the rules, even with color. While another star over camouflage I White hair with platinum highlights, she relies on one mottled silver tint. With lighter strands around the face and ashy nape tips, an authentic look is achieved. Which becomes chic and discreet thanks to electroplating style and no frills.


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