Cafu is the best man for the project against cancer


Cafu is one of the largest side, the rights in the history of the game, starts the record holder for appearances in the Brazilian national team, with 149. Currently, he is an Ambassador for the fifa world Cup in Qatar in 2022.

The player is one of the pioneers in social projects. Created 14 years ago, and is the basis of Cafu, which has already helped more than 950 children. To help “always, when we speak of solidarity and other, I will be available to you. And, since the organization of the campaign against CANCER, to me, I decided to join because I saw the Design, and I was interested in the time. I lost my father and my mother to this terrible disease. From this moment on, I am a part of this campaign, and I hope that you will participate in,” says the athlete.

Entry into the massive football players and celebrities

According To Mr. Gil Santos, the President of soccer master-Brazil, head of the event, the number of football players massively. “We were impressed by the commitment of all the players. We have already confirmed more than 30 athletes, and others, depending on the setting of the agenda. This is proof that CANCER is on the right track,” he said.

In the preliminary game for the women, and celebrities such as actress Maria Alexander engage in; with the Muse of the Palm-tree of life-tree; the Miss Butt world Of 2019, Suzy rice; Miss Tattoo week, until 2019, Despite Bubulla; a member of the jury in the Now, the actress and model, Cris ‘ Pizza; the carpet in the GTN-TV In Sa, and seven players on the team, an official of the school, on the Ball of the football Club from Manaus, to which the Indians in the Amazon. You have been invited, a Good Todynho, Helen Ganzarolli, glory, groove on, among other standards. The game is a female and is coordinated by the entrepreneur and influencer, Adriana Restum, down to the planet girl.

The men’s team is the official football includes Cafu ( five), Ronnie (four times), the training (test), Jamelli (Brazil), the Viola (five),Game Guide (the Divine), Many (Corinthians), Luizão, Dave (five), the goalkeeper Gilmar, Glabrous, BiroBiro, Gustavo Nery, paw, Joe, Charles ( check), Diney ( the Corinthians), César Sampaio ( national team), Alex Rose ( palm),Later, ( Palm), Fabiano Rodrigues (Far),were ( Stuttgart, Germany), according to the United Nations ( Rio), Elivelton ( national team) , Alex Alves ( São Paulo, Brazil) , Derval ( Smith), Leandrinho ( São Paulo, Brazil) and Rogerinho (and the Corinthians), and other famous people.

According to Gil Santos, chair of the Likes of the Master, and the Foundation of Brazil’s + Social project of the victory against cancer, it is the greatest game in the history of St. Paul’s, together with private philanthropy to the game of football. “We are convinced that only the mobilization and sensitization of the public opinion, you might want to have the game on cancer,” she warns. She is calling all entrepreneurs to be a part of their quota of social responsibility.

Who wants to BEAT this CANCER?

Organized by the Foundation of Brazil’s + social, dodging the cancer project, a national invitation to tender against the “cancer” in the country, the support of 20 non-profit organizations that fight for the rights and welfare of the patients, and serve to raise public awareness on the topic of cancer in Brazil. The income collected, the contribute to the project by paying for the game, and part of it will be donated to the Ngos on a regular basis.

The data of the Inca – national cancer Institute show that 600 thousand Brazilians are victims of the disease each year, with the death of more than 240 million people. And, if nothing is done, it is the most common cause of death in the country, up to 2.030, surpassing cardiovascular disease (cvd).

For a change is a dramatic image, this is even worse with the aging of the population, with the project the cancer takes to Beat your battle with the four pillars: prevention, early detection, access to the nhs and the prioritisation of cancer-to make public policy.

The aim of the project is the bypass of the cancer is by the awareness of the public. It contains information from the media, and social media, conferences, symposia and debates on the topic of cancer, with the participation of a specialist, and work closely with the government. And it goes on until 2020, with the help of the new shares and the games, and in many parts of the country.

The service

Game of solidarity at the Corinthians club/St. George’s Park

Date: 15. December (Sunday), from 14: 00

Entry to the social:$ 10.00 (grandstand) and$ 20.00 (seat covers)

The purchase of a ticket: a Ticket for you Now: please Click here or use the Sympla you can find it here!

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