Calama Hospital strengthens nursing services to respond to emergencies during National Day holiday

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The Hospital Dr. Carlos Sisternas of Kalama (HCC) has strengthened its staff during these National Days to ensure that users receive adequate and timely attention, as there is an increase in demand for consultations during these weeks, especially from Health department consultation needs. By the same token, we implemented a shift focused on providing safety and security within coverage for such unexpected events.

“At the hospital, all our human resource operations, distribution of medicines, and logistical coordination of clinical departments, emergency rooms, etc. are available. We are fully prepared to deal with emergencies during this period. Therefore, we have We are prepared, but I hope they do not overwhelm us with unnecessary over-consultations,” explained the director of Calama Hospital.

Therefore, doctors are calling for emergency rooms to be kept open for major emergencies, which unfortunately happens during these holidays. “I would hope that at the first consultation, if there is anything unimportant, those who also have urgent care facilities should go to the office. If you have associated medical conditions such as difficulty breathing, if you have any pain that may be from a heart condition , as well as abdominal cramps or diarrhea, we ask you to consult our emergency department whenever you have multiple episodes, have a fever for more than 24 hours or are dehydrated,” Toro added.

The idea is that families do not need to go to the hospital, thus reaffirming the call for prevention and personal responsibility to avoid accidents or illnesses that can disrupt these celebrations.

“The number one reason for consultation during these festivals is food poisoning, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, gastritis, which is caused by the intake of poor quality or improperly preserved food. We also have alcohol poisoning and for the same reasons, accordingly It is important to celebrate properly, but measure yourself in these terms. So be careful when buying products, basically they are in established places and do not lose the cold chain. Do not go to clandestine or informal places to buy, especially meat , these products are easy to decompose and can easily cause major infectious diseases and poisoning.” The doctor pointed out.

Finally, he reiterated the importance of not driving under the influence, as these are two incompatible behaviors. With this, Calama Hospital joins all institutions calling for the prevention of fatal traffic accidents.

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