“Call an ambulance!” Vasilisa Frolova told how she was denied help at the hospital due to coronavirus

Vasilisa Frolova (Photo: https://www.instagram.com/vasyafrolova/?hl=ru)

Pregnant Ukrainian TV presenter Vasilisa Frolova spoke about how she was denied help in one of the state maternity hospitals because of Covid-19.

On New Year’s Eve, Frolova contracted coronavirus. In her social networks, the presenter noted that the doctor did not want to conduct an examination and prescribe her treatment. In addition, they did not want to give her the doctor’s number.

“ Sick? Do not visit us! If something is urgent, call an ambulance, but don’t come to us! ” – so Frolova was answered in the hospital. She also said that she once came to see her doctor by appointment, but when the doctor left the office, she asked if an appointment was scheduled in an hour, and after that, she went to smoke.

In addition, she wrote that after being infected with COVID-19, she needed a doctor’s consultation based on the test results. But Frolova could not get through to a specialist for three days.

“ Once again, when I asked to call me back, I accidentally heard the doctor’s voice. She, as always, answered: “Yes, I can’t talk to her, the head doctor is calling me.” Without further ado, they answered me: “She does not want to talk to you” and hung up! ” – said Frolova.

“ I can assume queues and the absence of some of the attributes of modernity, but I still cannot imagine such hatred for clients who trust doctors the most valuable thing. I didn’t think I would write about it. It is disgusting and disgusting for me to disclose all this, but you should know the truth about the “cool perinatal center” in the country. The state cares about us so much, ”the presenter concluded.