Call of Duty Mobile Lose Zombie mode on 25. March 2020


CALIFORNIA, Call of Duty has a zombie mode in the game. Mode, then on the mobile version, but the developers of Call of Duty Mobile decides to remove it from the game.

According to the developers, the elimination of the zombie mode of the game, because the quality is not in line with your expectations. In the update is uploaded to Reddit, the developers write the date of the death of the zombie mode in Call of Duty.

“Today, after a comprehensive evaluation, we will share the zombie mode has been removed on the 25. We mention always, it is limited, but there is no end-date, clear. We want to see, such as the reception, feedback, see, and see how we can potentially in the form of a mode for the future. But such modes do not reach the level of quality we want,” said the developer was quoted from: Ubergizmo, Saturday (7/3/2020).

Keep in mind that the zombies mode will not be lost to you forever. The developers do not exclude the possibility of the return of the zombie mode in the future, if it meets your standards.

“We can restore mode, with night of The undead, we can ensure us that the quality is very high. But for the moment we will concentrate on the development of the multi-player mode, Battle Royale, and the ranked mode,” he said.

Because of the zombie mode on March 25, players of Call of Duty Mobile still have time to play it over the next few weeks. So, it is likely that you will want to use it for the rest of the time.

Editor : Early Angela