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Call of Duty Warzone recently managed and published by Activision, the attention of many players in the near future. This is achieved evidenced by the high number of downloads and the number of players, and the current one. Well, to add to the fun of the game, Activision launched a solo mode Call of Duty war zone.

Before, many players want Activision to improve the quality of the game. An application that is given most often is the mode Solo.

The system used in the Warzone the player is mengkelompokkan in a team consisting of 3 people. After that, the team will be playing with another team in the lobby with a maximum of 150 people.

Call of Duty Warzone

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However, it turns out that many of the players who want to compete against 149 other players alone and ask mode Solo. New a week ago, since this game was released, Activision and Infinity ward’s answer to the petition of the players and announced the presence of the mode Solo.

In addition to the mode Solo, Infinity Ward is the development of a wide range of options, which can add to play excitement. Some of which are fashion-team consists of 4 persons and 5 persons, as well as the lobby contains 200 people.

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The action is in response to the application of the players is one of the keys to the success of an online game. If Infinity Ward and Activision are consistently in the provision of full support Call of Duty Warzone, don’t be surprised if you can exceed later on this game Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Other factors that are not visible from the Warzone is the creativity of the developer in the implementation of the event and update later. It is very important to remember, if a game is monotone, then the player will get bored quickly.

On the other hand, the decision published by Activision in fashion Solo now, it is very suitable, because of the rampant outbreak of the Corona virus. So many people choose to stay at home and spend their time with the play of the game.