Called mass to stay at home will last, for now, until the 19 of April: Health


The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, announced Saturday that the call for the population to remain at home will last until 19 April and will be analyzed if it is expanded.

The official noted that Mexico is the “last opportunity” of avoiding the situation becomes uncontrollable, as has happened in other nations, such as Spain or Italy.

Mexico has with the court this Saturday 848 positive cases COVID-19, and 16 deaths.

“The only way to reduce today the transmission is staying in our houses, in a massive way (…) and during a stipulated period of one month,” said Lopez-Gatell.

That period began on march 23 and would conclude the next the 19 of April.

The deputy minister explained that the country is in a phase which will accelerate the infection, so he insisted that the population stays at home.

“This point where the curve switches from being a time of slow transmission, one transmission extremely fast. On the 23rd of march, Mexico was at this point, today we have exceeded. We are in a period of accelerated exponential in the number of daily cases.”

He added that it is not possible to avoid the epidemic, but it does decrease the spread so as not to collapse the health care system in the phase 3, that “looming”

“This phase entails the great danger that is saturated with hospitals” and not be able to serve the population in a manner appropriate to what which would lead to deaths in another, almost could be avoided.

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