Calls for government of Jalisco to “unlock” rapid tests for detection of COVID-19


Before the course lock to import rapid tests for detection of COVID-19, the government of Jalisco requested the Federation to remove it, because it ensured that the same are sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“What we cannot accept is that the lies being disqualified our approach. We cannot accept that Mexico follow without measuring how it should be possible contagions. We are acting blindly,” he said.

This to the statements of the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellwho indicated that there are no rapid tests relevant to the detection of the COVID-19, no health authority has accredited these tests.

In addition, the governor added that “The only thing we look for in Jalisco is to do more tests to detect the fastest possible cases of infection, be able to isolate them and prevent the virus from spreading”.

The representative from jalisco said that globally, the countries with the most infections have been applied to thousands of tests.

As at 31 march for each million of inhabitants, Italy applies eight thousand 573, South Korea, seven thousand 971; united States, three thousand 344 and the United Kingdom two thousand 126, while in Mexico, we apply two tests for each million inhabitants.

“What there has been is a series of disqualifications particularly to the proposal that we’ve put on the table to apply quick tests to make an early detection in order to confirm and then to be able to avoid more infections. That is what Jalisco put it on the table and the only thing that we had as a response is a not that has no explanation,” said the governor.

Also said he’s not looking for how to debate or discuss, but to join efforts and make the part that touches. And requested that the federal agency who provided the brand, and purchase what you have to do to get rapid tests.



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