Camelia Jordana: her comments on “white men” shock the web


Once again, Camelia Jordana is talking about her because of a speech considered controversial. In an interview with L’Obs, the singer castigates “white men”.

If he currently shines on Netflix in “Lupine”, Omar Sy has just found himself at the heart of a new controversy. The police unions would indeed be very angry after learning that the 42-year-old French actor was invited by Emmanuel Macron to participate in the “Beauveau de la securité” … he who was singled out after his remarks on police violence …

At the same time, Camelia Jordana is also in turmoil after an interview with the magazine “L’Obs” this Thursday, January 14, 2021. The singer discusses in particular her new album in which she signs feminist texts namely “The boys” and “If I were a man”. The young woman explains that she felt the need to write after being assaulted on a scooter:  “There was a huge traffic jam, I was driving between the cars at a standstill, I passed a taxi driver who could not moving.  he did, however, and there he touched my scooter, I watched, speechless, and he allowed himself to yell at me.   if she recalled. “If I had been a 2-meter tall guy, would this man have allowed himself to ride a scooter and scream?  I wrote this sentence: ‘If I were a man’, and the rest of the song came out in ten minutes.   she continued.

Words that shock
“All of these songs say that if I were a man, I would ask forgiveness, I would question fears, and I would take the time to question myself.  Because white men are, in the collective unconscious, responsible for all the evils of the earth “she then analyzed. What provokes a lively controversy on social networks where Internet users overwhelmingly condemned his words.

“Unconscious statement” simply wrote The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism on Twitter. “Should I ask forgiveness from my five-month-old son for having given birth to a world where he will have to ask forgiveness for the mere fact of existing?   Asked Eugenie Bastier for her part. 
Florian Philipot was quick to react to his “stupid words” which “perfectly illustrate what has become of anti-racism and anti-sexism: hatred in its purest form, against whites and against men”.