Camelia Jordana, jaded by the controversies: “Social networks distort, criticize, mock … I’m used to it”


In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, Camelia Jordana explained about her controversial statement on “white men” …

If there is one that is talking about her right now, it’s Camelia Jordana. The singer revealed in 2009 in “New Star” does not stop chaining the controversies. We remember her tendentious remarks about police violence which shocked many people. Recently, the 28-year-old actress bluntly attacked two icons of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot, whose feminism she questioned. ” They were not the symbol of feminism. They embodied THE woman because they were muses, the anti-feminism par excellence ” she blurted out in the columns of Paris Match.

This Sunday, January 24, the one who has just released her new album “Facile” explained herself on one of her other statements which made people talk. ” White men are, in the collective unconscious, responsible for all the evils of the earth,” she told “L’Obs” magazine. And it was an interview with the Journal du Dimanche that she wanted to settle accounts and explain her point. ” It’s a sentence taken out of context on a complex subject that we do not necessarily address in an interview supposed to talk about music. So social networks panic, comment, distort, criticize, mock … I’m used to it. In the beginning, it was for my physique, today.” she proclaimed.