Camera 108MP New slide, Samsung is rumored the production of the resolution 150MP


A camera with a sensor resolution 150MP opportunity, developed in the phase of production and is made by Samsung To support the human needs of the smartphone as a tool that helps the day-to-day activities seems to be high.

Since the advent of Android in the beginning of the year 2008, so that smartphones today can be said to be an alternative to replace devices that are already available.

They call it a computer and games console, maybe both are currently back in less than 10 years.

This is because with the increase in the ability of the smartphone to be able to the software, often software running in the PC, such as Microsoft Office or image editing applications and video.

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No exception in the segment of game consoles, a market shift are currently experiencing, where the gadget-users prefer to use mobile gaming as a way to fill in the time, a virtual game.

Another segment, the current shift is the presence of cameras in the market, because it is the ability of the camera phone increased.

Finally, at the highest resolution on a smartphone 108MP, although there are some companies that claim to produce the rooms, hotel booking, without such a resolution, the camera is your mempuni similar quality.

But this is a newspaper, the right roles quickly, because the camera 108MP own recently introduced in the month of January, of the existence of the device, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

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