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EXACTLY.CO Google improves the quality of image capture from applications and the Android system besutannya. Recently, Google released an app called camera Go, the Go specifically for the Android system.

The virtue of the camera is able to work on the Android system the best though. Phone class entry-level-Go camera to, without delay. You call a phone with a RAM of only 1GB or even less, to almost no restrictions in the use of the existing features in the camera Go.

Release camera Go, is the answer of Google to the demands of the Android users entry-level. Users want a better camera and have optimal results, without the need to upgrade to a new phone or a flagship.

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In addition to the display of the user interface that is easy to use and lightweight, the camera app also features a-style-flagship that is now loved. The user of the camera to Go, now the functions of the portraits to optimize the results of the photo can have “bokeh” effects.

Although bokehnya bokeh digital, these functions should be estimated, because only a flagship phone, and a medium that can enjoy.

The first mobile phone, the camera app as bloatware Nokia 1.3. The phone, the plan, the release in April.