Camera Huawei P40 Pro in the location of a 50x Zoom ?

363 – Huawei plans to launch a line of mobile Flagshiphim in China in later tonight by Huawei P40 series, the P40, P40, and P40 Pro-Premium Edition (PE).

Typically, the P-series is a line-up of Huawei mobile phone, the benefits in the area of the camera. Differences stand out of the three variants is also found in the camera industry.

As quoted by the GizchinaOn Thursday (26/3/2020), leaker famous Ishan Agarwal, disclosure of the composition of the camera Huawei P40 Per the Twitter account of your.

According to the leaker, Huawei P40 Pro, it will be the camera with 50 MP (wide angle), 40 MP (Tele), time-of-flight (ToF), for the bokeh, and the camera is 12 MP.

Special for camera, telephoto lens, Agaewal claim to do that, the ability to have a telephoto lens Huawei P40 Pro in the situation, the extension of the object (zoom) up to 50x.

The Leaked Huawei P40-Series. [Twitter]
The Leaked Huawei P40-Series. [Twitter]

While on the front, Huawei P40 Per 6,58 inch comes with a hole punch in the left corner of the screen size, to make room for the camera with a 32 MP and a depth sensor. That is, the depth sensor added to selfie camera Huawei P40 Pro allows the phone to get the background and object photos in detail.

In addition, Agarwal also said that Huawei diving special component called Huawei XD the Fusion Engine. Although the details of this component are not yet known, this feature works similar to the Visual-technology, the Core of the Google Pixel.

That is, the latest mobile phones from Huawei is faster to process, and this results in a HDR photo, so it can improve the results of the potrait photos with more Details.