Cameron Diaz is 51 years old. But the bad news doesn’t end there.

Renato Pizzi

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Senigallia 09.05.2023 – Summer may be ending and we are feeling a little dreary, but once the craving for vacation passes, it’s time to take a little look around, but really around us, because what happens at home is a mirror of what happens in Italy, multiplied by n times.

The thing is, we – I mean boomers – are a generation on sunset boulevard. Children grow up, and mothers turn white, Battiato sang in a song with a prophetic name: Bandiera Bianca. It was the last century, but the Master, as we know, was light years ahead. We have a lot of responsibility for the past, as well as for the present and future, for which much can be done.

At the end of the season, updated data on the summer season will be released, which, as often happens, can be read in different ways. I stick with a spanometric estimate I collected on Sunday 13 August, for example, in the most central bathrooms that I frequent and where a few sun loungers were still loose and stacked on top of each other. So it is in neighboring establishments, although we all know that in recent years (we skip the covid period) around August 15, we had to book, pray and rely on the good heart of the manager to find a free place. But, according to him, this is a physiological decline, recorded everywhere. It’s about minus twenty percent. I would say, more or less equal to the increase in prices for services. Is there a correlation? Was there really a need?

Always around us, many at the same time observe a general decline in attention to caring for the city. Controversy flares up on civic debate sites, tainted as ever with partisan support. Who is good, who is bad. Many are ironic: those who are injured from photographs die from photographs, but I don’t know, everyone will have their own idea.

In my small form, I would like to appeal to all of us, individually or as organized groups (associations, parties, committees), with a request to return the debate and active force towards those who govern the city. Because if it is true that tourism is the main source of income for the city (the second, even according to bank directors, historically was, who would have thought, construction), then the consequences at different levels concern everyone – I would also say the tourists themselves – and not only direct operators.

When, after a few days, the umbrellas close and we wait for roasted chestnuts to warm our hands on foggy autumn days, we can devote ourselves to reflection – for example – if we still believe that Senigallia’s tourist vocation will materialize, especially in the future in apartments, apartments and apartments. It’s an old story, I know it and you know it, but if we’re still talking about it, maybe that’s the problem: we already have thousands of empty rooms, whether they’re second homes for vacationers or apartments for seasonal rentals, and Those Looking for a house to rent to live there all year round, it is difficult (let’s say not possible) to find affordable solutions. How many more 40 m2 apartments do we need? For God’s sake, maybe many, I don’t want to risk the answers. But I would like this to be discussed among the citizens, and not just the juntas. Even before Cameron Diaz turns 61 and we Boomers will meet for a game of checkers in a busy villa or in line at the Caritas cafeteria.

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