Cameron Diaz teaches us his favorite must-try salad recipe this summer

In an Instagram post, the actress reveals the perfect summer recipe. Video and details on how to cook and enjoy it with your family.

Cameron Diaz is an actress and model best known for her role as Mary Jensen in The Mask. He has starred in many successful films, managing to receive throughout his career four Golden Globe nominations. He was born in San Diego and attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School. As for her modeling career, she started at the age of 16 at the Elite Model Management agency. He also works in Japan after graduation and then returns to the United States.

Actress now on instagram she usually shares her passion for cooking and shows numerous recipes, in collaboration with the Avaline brand. Just today we get to see the last one she shared, which is a delicious salad perfect for summer. So it’s time to arm yourself with a pen and notepad to take notes and perfect the recipe, as Diaz shows us.

Salad Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron shared on Instagram the perfect salad for a light and, most importantly, fresh summer dinner. In the video, he shows us how to carefully, step by step, prepare it. The preparation is very simple, besides, it can be prepared from simple products that can be found at home. Diaz shows a close-up of himself in front of his kitchen as a backdrop and explains all the details of the preparation. Now let’s look at all the ingredients and the development of the recipe, so it will be very easy to recreate it.

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First of all you need to take 4 cups of mixed green salad, 1 cup peas and 1 cup carrots. Then we move on to 1 and a half cups of cucumber, 1 and a half mangoes and 1 avocado. As spices, you need to use mint, coriander and basil. Finally add the toasted cashews, puffed rice and lemon. To continue, spoon the salad mix into a bowl. Then you need to cut the carrots and cucumbers into small squares and a few peas, and then put them in the salad. Also add peeled and sliced ​​mangoes and avocados. GThe last ingredients to add are fresh herbs, cashews and puffed rice. The last operation to be done is to season with vinaigrette and 2 lemon slices.

In conclusion, we have seen how to prepare this delicious recipe, now it remains for us to try it along with the combinations suggested by the actress. It’s a salad, a Sauvignon Black, and a table full of dear friends.

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