On the occasion of the football match played yesterday, Tuesday, July 25, Inter Miami against Atlanta United, the team’s new star Lionel Messi was able to see in the stands the presence of a number of distinguished guests and a very special one. In addition to team owner David Beckham and his wife Victoria, there was also no shortage of celebrities at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, including Diddy, DJ Khaled and Camila Cabello. The latter, having witnessed the match, did not fail to express her love and respect for the Argentine striker, who had just become world champion.

“The fangirl mood officially opened when I saw Leo Messi – obviously the best of all time, but also (a man) so kind and generous with his energy. Thank you for this experience that I will never forget. And thanks to David and Victoria Beckham,” is the actual signature that the singer wrote under the carousel of photos, designed to forever cement this moment in her memory.

In addition, Camila also published a story on her Instagram profile in which, pictured next to Messi, she adds: “How much we love you, Leo Messi! GOAT (Greatest of All Time, a term used to describe something or someone who is considered the best in a certain category, ed.) player and nice person.”

(Instagram photo source: camila_cabello)

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