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Camila Cabello and her new and refreshing extra long and straight hair

With September flying over our heads and with its forced landing at any time, there is no one who does not think of refreshing their look after a vacation in which the sun, heat and sea water or swimming pools have done their thing. How easy? Or at least, the most demanded: a good refreshing haircut (it is still hot) and renovating. That for all mortals … except for Camila Cabello. Or maybe … is it starting to be a trend to renew the look by lengthening and not shortening?

Despite the fact that Cabello’s staging was probably for a special occasion, it is still a full-blown renovation. In the video, a tik tok that he later posted on his Instagram profile, shows the process he carried out with his makeup artist and hairdresser.

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Obviously that extra long and extra smooth hair with the blow of the iron is also by work and magic of the extensions, which each begin to form part of our reality like our hairpins and pins.

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But she’s not the only one using extensions for a makeover. We are often seeing more and more celebrities and influencers who play “removable” instead of going through scissors to give their hair a twist. And Camila has been another example of how next season, extensions have come to stay and yes: renew ourselves.

Lengthen and don’t cut

Changing your look also goes through lengthening. If you are not in a vital moment in which you need a cut, add inches to your hair!

Try removable extensions, such as clip-on ones, that are easy to put on (you just have to hold them to the root of the hair with their bobby pins and hide them with your hair) or, treat yourself and go to a good extension center or a specialized hairdresser for personalized advice where you renew your image with a new, extra long and smooth hair like that of a singer. Our recommendation: Studio25, the favorite extension site for celebrities such as Blanca Suárez.

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