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Camila Cabello celebrates with the family between winks at Buñuel, Rosalía, Leonardo … – jenesaispop.com

“They are family things,” says a voice (that of Camila’s grandfather) over the radio. This is how the video clip for ‘Don’t Go Yet’ begins. With a warning of what is to come, as if the voice on the radio were the verbalization of a thought of the singer herself as she drives towards her family home. This prologue is divided into two parts. The first, where the technique of rear projection is imitated, is reminiscent of classic Hollywood melodramas. The second is a stop motion animation sequence like the ones Wes Anderson usually introduces in his movies.

Camila arrives at the house. A kind of colonial Caribbean hacienda, a soap opera mansion, decorated with tropical colors and retro-pop elements: old televisions, telephones … The party begins. The duo Philippa Price (director of Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’ or several Banks clips) and Pilar Zeta structure the video around the theme of the family banquet. The large table seen from above, from the sides, in circles … A frontal shot stands out that functions as a parody of Leonardo’s ‘The Last Supper’ in the manner of Buñuel in ‘Viridiana’.

Between prawns and daiquiris, there is time for choreography. Camila doing very tiktoker dance steps, with references to Shakira, Beyoncé … and even bullfighting and flamenco, perhaps due to the influence of Rosalía. The final sequence, a long movement away from the singer to end in a general shot with all the members of the party, serves as a tribute to the concept of family. Both the carnal (in the video several relatives of Camila appear), as well as the chosen one, the friends, among which is the well-known drag queen Valentina.

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