Camila Cabello cheering Messi: touchlines on fire

Singer Camila Cabello is ecstatic about Messi’s move to Inter Miami, so the applause is heating up.

Camila Cabello, applause for Messi: touchlines on fire (PHOTO)

The former face of Fifth Harmony is in seventh heaven from entering Lionel Messi in the Inter Miami team and demonstrates it on the sidelines, where he smiles and attracts the attention of an Argentinean player dressed in a T-shirt and pants so tight that they leave little to the imagination. Camila Cabello she definitely knows how to get the attention of a soccer star.

Camila Cabello is a fan of Messi.

Lionel Messi he decided to leave the Paris Saint-Germain team to move to America with his family in tow, accepting a multi-million dollar contract with Inter Miami. It’s about 50 million per season for the strongest footballer in the world, who is likely to end his commendable competitive career here. Messi is a man who can change everything on the pitch and he proved it in the first minutes of the game in the pink jersey of the new team, scoring a breathtaking goal.

Talent and skill, Messi boasts many fans around the world, and even among the VIPs there are people who follow him and revere him, as is the case with the singer. Camila Cabello. Born in 1997, the beautiful naturalized Mexican-American was the face of the all-female music group Fifth Harmoy, but only became known worldwide in 2017 with the single Havana. Known for her love story with Shawn Mendes that finally ended after a few pushes and nudges that gave fans hope, Cabello boasts international collaborations and is today a youth-loved singer. The artist is still very attached to her origins, and for this reason, she is happy to see a South American football player in one of the most important teams in the United States.

Parties on fire for Camila Cabello

Presentation Messi at Inter Miami she was sponsored by David Beckham and Camila Cabello she appeared on the touchline in diehard fan mode. T-shirt of a famous football player, gathered at the waist, but with a clearly visible print, very tight black trousers that emphasize it visible side B and the loving look of a man who meets his idol while surprising Messi as he emerges from the dressing room.

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Camila posted a series of pictures. Instagramsparking fan interest in this strange meeting between the world of football and the world of music, but you know, anything can happen in Miami, even see a singer touched by a goal from the world’s strongest footballer. Cabellohe also spent beautiful words on Messi describing him as a generous and kind person, and the fans are perplexed: who knows what was said on the sidelines? Certainlyoutfits iworn by the artist, played his part in capturing the attention of everyone present, including Messi.

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