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Camila Cabello confesses that going to therapy saved her life

Camila Cabello is one of the names of the moment after her version of the Cinderella for Amazon, a film in which the singer gives life to the protagonist of the tale popularized by Disney. And although it may seem that she lives a dream life herself, the truth is that she has been struggling for years with her anxiety problems derived from media exposure. In fact, as he has just confessed, going to therapy has been what has saved his life.

In full promotion of the musical, Camila Cabello has offered an exclusive interview to The Sun where he has spoken openly about his mental health. “Before confinement, it was burned. I was living with a very high amount of anxiety. It was too much and it wasn’t sustainable. I felt like I was running with a broken leg but I really didn’t hear how I was feeling, ”he explained.

“I kept telling myself that everything was fine. ‘It should feel good.’ But what I needed was to say to myself ‘How do I really feel?’ and allow me to be okay. I needed to give myself permission to ask for help. Because I needed help, I needed therapy ”, revealed Camila Cabello.

The health situation derived from the coronavirus has allowed the artist to have given herself that much-needed space: “The pandemic gave me a pause to say ‘Let’s stop running with this broken leg, let’s heal it.” And, as the singer narrates, this situation had been perpetuated for a long time.

Los Angeles (United States), 08/31/2021.- Cuban-American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello attends the global premiere of the Amazon Original Movie 'Cinderella' at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California, USA, August 30, 2021. The movie will be released on Prime Video on 03 September 2021. (Cinema, United States) EFE / EPA / CAROLINE BREHMAN

Camila Cabello at the premiere of ‘Cinderella’ at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles,


“In the past there were a lot of times when I was working, away from home and without time to have relationships, without having time to be healthy or happy, just working non-stop and not feeling good, but doing it anyway”, he confesses while assuring that “that is something that I would not do now. If I feel like that again, I’ll just say ‘I’m sorry, guys.’

The artist, who has such well-known hits as Havana or MissShe has learned to put herself first. “I know I have to worry about myself. Nobody is going to know when I reach the limit more than I do, so I have to take care of myself in that sense,” she explained. “Anxiety is something that I have dealt with since I was a teenager so now I am in a really positive moment for me,” he added.

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Camila Cabello has stopped to listen to herself to find out what her body is asking of her. “I have learned a lot about balance and about saying no to things because it is better for me to go to therapy for an hour and see my friends,” he confesses. “It’s about not allowing me to get to a point where I’m suffocated,” she specifies.

Therapy, as revealed Camila Cabello, has helped her a lot. “During the past year I have been seeing a new therapist and I have made a lot of progress, I feel much better. I’ve been working really hard since I was 15 years old and I never had a chance to say ‘Hey, how does it feel to live without this pressure?’ I feel that I have not known until this break, “he tells The Sun.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: Shawn Mendes attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.  Amy Sussman / Getty Images / AFP == FOR NEWSPAPERS, INTERNET, TELCOS & TELEVISION USE ONLY ==

Thanks to this time of therapy, Camila Cabello feels that she has had many benefits in terms of her relationships and that this inner work has allowed her to have stability and deepen relationships. Shawn Mendes, her partner, has become a great support to her. “Shawn is very supportive of me. He is someone in whom I feel that I can really trust ”, has declared.

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