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Camila Cabello criticized again for showing herself in a bikini

It has happened again. Camila Cabello has once again been a victim of harassment in networks and hate messages related to her body. The singer, who has been seen on the beach in the company of her partner, musician Shawn Mendes, has suffered severe attacks in relation to her body after posting some photos of her in a bikini.

And it is that even though the culture of body positive It is more and more widespread, there are still people who consider that the ideal feminine beauty canon has to go through a slim figure without any type of imperfections.

Camila Cabello criticized again for showing herself in a bikini

Days after Kate Winslet made headlines for refusing to have her tummy digitally edited or wrinkles removed from her face in production Mare of Easttown, the reality is that awareness work is still necessary to prevent things like what just happened to Camila Cabello from happening.

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The interpreter of Havana, 24, has been photographed this week in the company of her partner, Shawn Mendes, on the beaches of Miami. The two young men appear very naturally, talking to each other while enjoying the sun.

However, some social media users have turned their attention to the bikini that Camila Cabello was wearing and how it fit. In their opinion, the artist’s body is not perfect enough and that is why they have decided to criticize her on the internet. Luckily, the singer has an army of followers who have quickly come to defend her, claiming that her idol is a natural woman without artifice.

The singer, who has stated that social networks cause anxiety and that she spends seasons away from them, has not wanted to get into the rag with the matter but has launched a message in the stories of her Instagram that seems to be a thank you to his fans. “Thank you for the love of yesterday and today,” wrote the young woman.

And this is not the first time that Camila Cabello has been the victim of harassment in networks by her body. In 2019 there were media outlets that made her figure a topic of debate, to which the artist replied with the following reflection:

“Honestly, the first thing I felt was insecurity IMAGINING what those photos should be like. Then I thought, of course there are bad photos, of course there are bad angles. My body is not made of fucking rock or all muscle.”

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The artist also wanted to reflect how harmful these comments can be for girls younger than her and unsure of their physique. “The saddest part is that young girls grow up in a retouched world and seek perfection that is not real. They constantly see retouched and edited images and think that this is reality. We have a completely unreal vision of a woman’s body. Girls , cellulite is normal, fat is normal. It is beautiful and natural, “he concluded.

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