Camila Cabello expands the ‘Family’

The singer Camila Cabello he is back at the centre of the music scene with the release this week of his new single ‘Don’t Go Yet’, the first preview of her third album to be titled ‘Familia’, as she has revealed herself in her last interview, and that he has been inspired by the many experiences lived by the interpreter of Cuban origin throughout his months of confinement.

The former member of ‘Fifth Harmony’ has explained to Zane Lowe, announcer of the station Apple Music 1, that his new album is an ode to his family and to those comforting moments he has been able to spend with them outside of fear and concern about the evolution of the pandemic.. For the singer, being so close to her own, including ‘of course’ her boyfriend Shawn Mendes, has been one of the few positive notes of these difficult times.

“I wanted everything to become a family affair, even if it sounds selfish, because that’s the only thing that could make me happy. It made my life more bearable, which deep down is what I’ve always wanted. And all that I have manifested in this album, in all his songs“, camila has assured before anticipating that this third album has also helped him to find new goals of artistic “freedom”.

“I think I’ve been to Miami so much lately, having mine close by and speaking Spanish more often… I don’t know, I think I have felt freer and more in keeping with my roots. In fact, I think my roots are now longer and have deepened.. Everything manifests itself in this album, which is called ‘Familia'”, added the singer-songwriter while revealing the title of her new project.

In addition to realizing how important her family is in her life, she has also been doing her bit for some time to fight against harassment in networks, since she has had to suffer it in her own flesh for the simple fact of spending a day at the beach in a bikini (which is why she was called fat). “Of course there are bad photos. Of course there are bad angles. Of course my body is not made of rock, nor is it made of muscle. The saddest part about girls growing up in a world full of tweaks is that they seek perfection that isn’t real. The false is becoming the real new. We have a completely unreal view of a woman’s body. Cellulite is normal, fat is normal, stretch marks are normal. They are beautiful and, most importantly, they are natural“.


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