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Camila Cabello has found the key to survive a fast-paced and demanding society | Fashion and Beauty

Camila Cabello She is one of those women who has managed to get the positive out of the pandemic. The quarantine that stopped our lives was used by some to become stressed and depressed and others, for the opposite.

The girlfriend of Shawn mendes He has learned a good lesson from everything that is happening and is applying it to his life. In addition, he wanted to share it with everyone in case it can help more people.

One of the most important things I learned during the pandemic was the importance of REST. Before, I literally had no choice but to stop and stand still, I didn’t know what work-life balance was, ”she confesses about before and after.

Before and after

“I felt guilty during the days off because I felt like I was not being productive or that I could be doing more. At the same time, right before we were forced to quarantine, I was completely exhausted and felt like I couldn’t do this race anymore”, He acknowledges about the stress that prevailed in his pre-pandemic life.

But things have changed. “Then I started to see how after resting during that period, cultivating new hobbies, prioritizing my mental health, friendships and relationships, making time to exercise and also enjoying laziness again, I started to feel naturally inspired, passionate and much more creative”, He admitted. And it seems that this new Camila is the one that we are going to see on her new album.

“Today I never feel guilty for taking time off because I know that, without rest, and time for joy, laziness and play, I will feel exhausted, stressed, sad and exhausted and I won’t be able to do the job. Work that I want to bring out to the world ”, he assured about his intention to continue with his career, but balancing work with rest.

A fast-paced society

The pace of life that society sets does not help much. “In a culture that uses weariness and business as a badge of honor, you have to remember that, We are just animals that should be roaming the forest eating, pooping; and making babies“, remember.

Camila is one of those who criticize the overwork that is killing us. “In the way our society is built, overwork is literally killing us. Culture constantly makes us feel like we’re not doing enough and that we should be ‘rushed and’ grounded ‘… but don’t forget that rest is honorable, necessary and sacred”, He assures.

Now he hopes that this lesson leaves a mark and serves a purpose. “As we return to the ‘new normal’, let’s instill values ​​in our work environments that prioritize the individual in a holistic way. We are not robots and our brains are not computers. For the sake of our health and happiness during our brief time here on earth, the social structures of work and how it relates to an individual’s mental health need improvement.. I’m going to do nothing again today❤️ ”, he ended up sharing.

And we who applaud her because from time to time it feels good to do nothing. And we continue in summer.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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