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Camila Cabello has fun with Idina Menzel on TikTok

Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel’s friendship is incredible. Both stars added their talents in the new version of “Cinderella”, broadcast by Amazon Prime Video, and now they do not stop laughing together during the promotion of the film. This time TikTok has been the window that brings together two Disney princesses in a fun challenge.

Camila, who plays Cinderella, dubs phrases from her hit “Don´t Go Yet” as if she was answering messages on her cell phone, while Idina interprets phrases from her iconic hit as Elsa for “Frozen”, “Let It Go” . This scene recreates how a friend advises another and mixes both sounds, until Idina decides to take Camila’s cell phone away from her before he still doesn’t listen to her.

In an interview with People magazine, both Cabello and Menzel talked about the close friendship they developed while filming the Amazon Prime Video movie. And even Menzel admitted to bringing out his “motherly” instincts with the singer. “I suppose there is something motherly to me with her, I want to protect her a bit because she is so warm and loving and a generous spirit. And she has so many things to do and works so hard. “

Camila Cabello had fun during the filming of her new movie

Idina continued, “And I just want to make sure he’s enjoying the moment and all his successes. I’ve been there and watching those things fluctuate and watching it go by and then you say ‘What happened? I didn’t get it, you know. ‘ Cabello, for his part, said “We laugh all day to the point that it is almost unprofessional.”

Cabello serves as the first Latina princess, and for the former Fifth Harmony star being that representation means a lot. “Being the first Latina princess is a great honor. I mean, I would be very excited to see anyone else being a Latin princess before me, ”she said. “Actually being that is crazy.”

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